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16 Tips to Take Care of Your Teeth This Year

Cleaning your teeth is essential because that is the only time you clean your skull. We need to make sure we provide love for our teeth and clean it properly. Cleaning and taking care of your teeth can also turn a blind eye to the dentist’s.

If you do not take care of your teeth properly, then your teeth may get horrid breath and might even turn darker than what they call, ‘an avid yellow school bus’.

But now, the question is: How to take care of your teeth?

When I say ‘care’, I mean proper care. How do we do that?
Don’t worry, I got you.

In this blog, you are going to unravel and uncover the curtains behind 17 different things that you can do this year to take care of your teeth and avoid the invitation to the dentist’s office! Make sure you try all of these out because they are sufficient.

1. Brush Your Teeth

This is known to be the most facile way ever. All you must do is just brush your teeth with a toothbrush for around three minutes. It’s not even that arduous. Brushing too quickly can be a problem and brushing for more than five minutes can be a problem. So, take care! Brushing twice a day is also quite important to get supreme white teeth!

2. Flossing Stands There Too

Flossing is also as important as brushing your teeth. Many people tend to ignore flossing, but it’s also quite major. It’s not just to get those little food pieces out of your teeth that may have been stuck while eating, it’s also for reducing plaque.

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3. Water, Water, Water

Drink more water! It’s the best beverage for your health and surprisingly, also for your teeth. Drinking water after every meal is essential for your health so the food can properly digest and is essential for your teeth. It helps take out some of the negative effects of sticky and acidic food, like chocolate.

4. Red for the Sugary and Sweets

Put a red stop to all the sugary and sweet foods. Well, having it often isn’t so bad, but if you eat access to it, it will lead to cavities and stomach agony. But that’s just horrid, isn’t it? It will help take care of your teeth if you try to avoid most of it. Examples of sweet and sugary foods can be cake, candies, acidic fruits, teas, and coffees.

5. Say ‘Hello’ To Green Vegetables.

Try eating more green vegetables and crunchy fruits. They contain healthy fiber which is the best choice for your teeth. Don’t eat it too much, just for the sake of your teeth, but eating a good amount will help.

6. Dentist Checkups

As much as many people do not like visiting the dentist, it’s also major at the same time. I don’t mean the major checkups; I mean some light ones. Having regular dentist checkups can help you and your teeth so you know more about your teeth’s health. To your teeth, the dentist is a wonderland for them.

7. A Better Diet

When I say a better diet, I don’t just mean the addition of extra crunchy fruits and vegetables, I mean the destruction of smoking. Smoking does nothing but add negatives to your life. Want to know how? Well, smoking can cause cancer in your mouth, throat, stomach, colon, river, unitary, bladder, and the list goes on. So please, quit smoking. It’s not healthy for your teeth either. They’ll cause damage to your gums and will damage your lungs. They can also cause air pollution. So, yeah, please quit smoking!

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8. Dry Mouth- Nuh Uh!

Avoid dry mouths. They’re known as xerostomia, which should be avoidable. If you don’t avoid them, you might be prone to gum disease, and maybe even tooth decay! You can drink water for a start if you don’t want a dry mouth. It is major.

9. A trip to the dentist.

Buckle up your car seats, because we are going to the dentist! Now, look, though the thought of visiting a dentist may seem a bit scary, it is important to visit twice a year (excluding regular checkups). Why? Well, it’s to get your teeth professionally cleaned. Even though you may be flawlessly taking care of your teeth, having them professionally cleaned is much better, trust me.

10. Fluoride Toothpaste

Brushing with fluoride toothpaste helps. They say ‘goodbye’ to all your cavities.

11. Your Tongue Exists

Yes, your tongue exists too. Half of the population neglect their tongue and that’s one of the highest causes of bad breath. If you neglect it, then some sort of bacteria can easily slip up on your tongue. Try brushing your tongue like how you brush your teeth by using a tongue scraper. The best part is they’re cheap!

12. Milk

Milk is high in calcium and phosphorous. Don’t like Milk? I got you. You can even try cheese and yogurt! They’re not that bad. Their power is to neutralize acids in the mouth. You must try it out this year!

13. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is crucial to your health, and even your teeth, surprisingly. They help generate gum and fight off infections. Not sure how to get a fair amount of Vitamin C? Try a nice number of fruits in your bowl. That should be a strong start.

14. Alcoholic Teeth

Alcohol is bad for your teeth. They include sugar, starches, acids, and much more. So please stop them, for your teeth. CDC recognizes alcohol as one of the highest risk factors for Oral Cancer. Astonishing for the heavier drinkers out there.

15. Apple Cider Vinegar

Want flawless crystal teeth? Consider rinsing with Apple Cider Vinegar. They’re the key you need!

16. D.I.Y Hacks Are a Red Flag

There may be cool D.I.Y hacks but they honestly just damage your teeth. Most of them include titles like ‘How to get fangs’ or ‘How to decorate your teeth with custom braces’ so check the comments before you think about doing it. If you want your teeth to be healthy, try your best to not mess with your teeth with some kiddish hacks.

And that’s it, readers. These are all the tips that will help you take care of your teeth and maybe even avoid serious bad damage to your teeth! If your teeth are darker than a yellow school bus, then it’s not too late to try out these tips. It’s never too late if you want to make things right.

If you don’t want to follow any of them or most of them, then you’re most likely going to end up with bad bacteria and infections by the end of the year, so please try them out if you love your teeth!

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