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6 Month Smiles® Clear Dental Braces

6 Month Smiles® By South Bay Dentistry?

If you desire a confident smile without the lengthy wait, South Bay Dentistry has the perfect solution for you – 6 Month Smiles®! This innovative orthodontic treatment focuses on swiftly straightening your teeth discreetly and comfortably. By utilizing clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, the treatment is virtually unnoticeable. In just six months, you can achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. South Bay Dentistry’s skilled team of dental professionals in Gardena will personalize your treatment plan for optimal results. Say goodbye to traditional braces and embrace the quick and effective 6 Month Smiles® option for a radiant smile that will leave a lasting impression.

Why 6 Month Smiles®?

Today, patients have more concerns about their teeth than ever, and not just their health. They’re also concerned about the appearance of their smile.

Dentists typically offer metal braces or some type of orthodontic treatment to fix misshapen teeth, but those treatments are expensive and take a long time. Moreover, they seem to be unpleasant.

Six Month Smiles® is an ideal orthodontic treatment that solves many of the pain points associated with other braces. It uses shape-memory wires that are engineered to give exceptional results with no unsightly look from metal or the need to destroy natural teeth for the placement of veneers.

6 month smiles Clear Dental Braces

6 Month Smiles® is the ideal solution for adults who are insecure about the appearance of their smile.  This orthodontic treatment utilizes shape-memory wires that are engineered to provide exceptional results without unsightly metal braces or having to destroy your natural teeth for the placement of veneers.  The 6 Month Smile® system is a clear and practically invisible bracket system. The brackets are almost undetectable, while they restore your confidence.

Benefits of the 6 Month Smiles® system

Some of the benefits of 6 Month Smiles® include:

  • It often requires a treatment of just 6 months for most patients.
  • With the clear brackets & tooth-colored wires, the treatment is virtually invisible, providing a discreet alternative to unsightly metal braces.
  • Patented, shape-memory wires move teeth faster than traditional braces or aligner therapy solutions like Invisalign®.
  • Patented tray kits allow for quick and painless application.
  • It gives you straighter smiles that further allows for better oral hygiene.
What does treatment involve?

During your initial consultation, our 6 Month Smiles® certified dentist would determine if you are a suitable candidate.  After they confirm & you decide to pursue treatment, molds of your teeth will be taken and they will be sent to the 6 Month Smiles® laboratory.

The 6 Month Smiles® lab technicians will manufacture bonding trays that will be custom-fit to your teeth and sends them back to our South Bay Dentistry & Orthodontics office within two weeks.  We will then schedule a follow-up appointment, during which one of our dentists will apply your braces.

Please note that the 6 Months Smile® requires some adjustments. As a regular follow up, you will be given monthly appointments, so the dentist can adjust your braces to advance the straightening process.  Within 4 to 9 months, treatment is finished, with most cases requiring only 6 months of treatment.  

Once your braces are removed, we will discuss retention options with you, so that you can choose a suitable solution that helps maintain your newly straight smile.

If you believe that the 6 Month Smiles® system could work for you, contact us at your convenience.6 Month Smiles®

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