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How Implants Improve Dentures

For decades, dentures have been the classic, proven way to replace missing teeth. However, many patients dislike dentures because they frequently slip and are difficult to use when trying to maintain a strong bite. Dental implants address the issues related to dentures by providing comprehensive support. Here are a few ways dental implants improve upon the classic design of removable dental prosthetics:

Dental Implants Replace Total Tooth Structure

The dental implant is a complete restoration for a missing tooth. While dentures alone are able to restore the visible portion of the teeth used to speak and eat, as well as some soft tissue, dental implants address the missing space left by the tooth’s root, providing complete support to the jaw and prosthesis. The alteration of facial shape is just one of the effects of missing tooth roots.

Prevent Accelerated Bone and Soft Tissue Loss, as Well as Signs of Premature Aging

When missing even a single tooth, the jaw bone deteriorates through the body’s natural resorption process. Providing an adequate replacement for the tooth’s root directly prevents this from occurring. Furthermore, the titanium material used to craft the tooth’s root contains special properties that fuse with existing bone and bolster its supporting strength. The implant post provides necessary support for the jaw bone.

While dentures rub and slip on soft tissue, creating gum recession, implants prevent depletion of natural oral structures.

Dental Implants Supply Greater Performance

Dental implants stabilize the bite and provide enhanced performance. Alone, dentures can restore minor dental function. However, eventual loose fit caused by tissue changes makes it difficult to bite into dense foods, such as apples or pears, and prevents patients from digesting food normally. Dental implants provide the support to bite through an apple with no problem. This restores greater dental function for patients, making it easier to maintain confidence on a daily basis.

Dental Implants are Convenient

Restorations with dental implants are easily maintained. Maintaining hygiene is as easy as brushing and flossing regularly. Additionally, patients have the option of choosing between implant-supported fixed dentures or removable overdentures to fit better their lifestyles.

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