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As a hugely popular cosmetic treatment, teeth whitening can seriously improve a person’s smile, transforming a set of stained or discolored teeth into dazzling, pearly whites! But, when it comes to removing stains from your teeth, it is always best to talk with your dentist about your options. It’s best to take your lifestyle and expectations into consideration when choosing a teeth whitening procedure or product.

Teeth whitening products are used to remove stains from the enamel and dentin; however, different products yield different experiences. Before embarking upon your treatment, it might be a good idea to consider how a few of these treatments work and which one meets your unique needs.


Zoom whitening is an in-office treatment whose name provides a good indication as to its strongest asset – speed! A hydrogen-based gel is applied to the teeth and a Zoom light is used to penetrate and break up the stains. The process is fast, taking only a single office visit. The entire treatment takes less than an hour to complete and your dentist may send you home with custom trays to maintain your bright smile.


Opalescence is a gel containing an active ingredient that – like Zoom! – penetrates the enamel to break down discoloration and stains, but it is provided to patients who wish to undergo treatment in the comfort of their own home. The gel is provided by the dentist, and custom mouth trays are designed to fit the customer’s teeth. The trays and the Opalescence gel are sent home with the patient with detailed instructions from their dentist for a customized treatment plan.

Zoom Day White

Another “at-home” option is a daytime tray. The customized trays are created prior to start of treatment and patients are instructed on how to use them as they go about their usual daily activities. Zoom Day White involves using a whitening agent that works extremely quickly, and the patient may only need to wear their trays for 15 minutes twice a day!

Zoom Night White

If daytime isn’t as convenient as a night-time treatment, Zoom Night White offers patients a chance to whiten at bedtime. Their dentist will assist them with their trays and whitening treatment – patients use the take home kit and can expect to see noticeable results within just a few days.

Results vary according to the type of stain or discoloration and the course of treatment selected. Some stains are more difficult and stubborn than others; thankfully, teeth whitening treatments are carefully monitored and adjustments are made according to the patient’s needs.

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