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Diagnodent Laser Detection Pen
Diagnodent Laser Detection Pen

When it comes to maintaining optimal oral health, early detection of dental issues is key. At South Bay Dentistry, we utilize Diagnodent®, an innovative diagnostic tool, to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of dental examinations. Let’s explore how Diagnodent® is revolutionizing dental diagnosis at South Bay Dentistry.

  • Diagnodent® is the world’s first dental device that detects oral cancer in its early stages. It is a small, portable, and affordable way to help detect oral cancer in its early stages and save lives.
  • Diagnodent® is an innovative new technology that uses sound waves to detect cavities and tooth decay. It’s a totally non-invasive way to detect cavities. All you have to do is bite down on the Diagnodent® and it emits sound waves, which bounce off your teeth and give you a reading in three seconds.
  • Diagnodent® is a simple, non-invasive way to detect oral cancer. It uses the latest in laser technology to detect oral cancer earlier than traditional methods. It’s a safe, painless procedure. Diagnodent® is a great solution for anyone concerned about the signs of oral cancer.

What are the benefits of Diagnodent®?

Here are some of the benefits associated with Diagnodent®:

  • It’s completely safe.
  • Diagnodent® is cost-effective.
  • It shows empirically measurable results.
  • Diagnodent® is more accurate than any other diagnostic tool.
  • It doesn’t require exposure to X-rays.
  • Diagnodent® doesn’t involve any pain or scratching.

What’s the process of Diagnodent®?

During a regular dental exam, the dentist uses a hi-tech tool called Diagnodent® to measure the amount of laser fluorescence. It scans a clean tooth surface and calibrates itself to measure the structure of the tooth. If a tooth meets certain criteria, a readout will show that this tooth has caries in it.

When the Diagnodent® Scanner is passed over a tooth, the amount of laser light reflected back indicates the severity of the decay. If there is little to no decay, little to no laser light will be reflected back. However, if there is significant decay, more laser light will be reflected back. The higher the reading is, the more severe the decay is in that particular tooth.

Once we figure out which teeth are suffering from decay, we can come up with a plan and discuss some treatment options. It’s usually better to act when it’s early because the more options you have, the better the chances of saving that tooth.

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