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Porcelain Crowns (Caps)

Porcelain Crowns
Porcelain Crowns (Caps)
Porcelain Crowns (Caps)

At our Gardena-based dental clinic, we specialize in creating porcelain crowns that are well-known for their remarkable durability and lifelike aesthetics. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and top-quality materials, we guarantee that every crown is meticulously customized to seamlessly blend with your natural tooth color, shape, and size. The result? A smile that looks and feels completely natural.

Crowns are the perfect solution for any tooth that’s been damaged to the point of no return. Restoring a complete tooth is a complex undertaking that is best entrusted to a proficient dentist; however, a crown acts as a safeguarding shell capable of fully restoring the tooth to its original form. For the long-term health & vitality of your teeth, it is recommended to seek professional advice from your dentist regarding the potential advantages that crowns can offer.

Among the range of crown choices, porcelain crowns, also referred to as tooth-colored crowns, enjoy greater popularity among both dentists and patients. This preference can be attributed to their exceptional durability, ensuring they can provide long-lasting service. However, it’s important to note that like any dental restoration, porcelain crowns may require replacement over time to maintain optimal dental health and appearance.

Unlike alternative crown options that may not seamlessly blend with your natural tooth color or shape, porcelain crowns offer the advantage of a natural-looking and stunning smile that can be enjoyed for an extended period.

When do you need crowns:
  • When you have broken or fractured teeth.
  • When you need cosmetic enhancement.
  • When you have decayed teeth.
  • When you have fractured fillings.
  • Large fillings.
  • When your tooth has a root canal.
What does getting a crown involve?

The process of getting porcelain crowns typically involves two visits to the dentist. During the initial appointment, precise impressions of your teeth will be taken. Then, at the subsequent appointment, your final crown will be placed. In the meantime, a temporary crown will be crafted and worn for around two weeks until your permanent crown is ready.

When it’s time for the crown placement, your dentist will numb the tooth area to ensure a comfortable experience. Next, the dentist will prepare the tooth by removing any decay and shaping it to accommodate the new crown. The temporary crown will be affixed, and your bite will be checked to ensure proper alignment.

During your second appointment, the temporary crown will be removed, and the tooth will be cleaned thoroughly. The dentist will meticulously place your permanent crown, ensuring its precise fit, shape, and spacing.

Once your crown is in place, it’s important to maintain regular dental visits for check-ups. Your dentist will provide you with specific care instructions that should be diligently followed, as the responsibility for caring for your crown rests with you.

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