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Ask about Sedation Dentistry to help Address Your Dental Phobias

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Sedation Dentistry is a form of sleep dentistry. Also known as “sedation dentistry” or “sleep dentistry,” it’s a method of treating dental phobias that can help patients feel calm and relaxed during treatment with nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. 

These days, it’s very common for people who have a dental phobia to visit sedation dentists. Sedation dentists are professionals who are specially trained in helping people with dental phobia. Don’t let your fear of the dentist hold you back from getting the treatment you need.

Sedation Methods

• The sedation pill that the dentist gives you to make you sleep during a dental procedure such as tooth extraction. The pill works by slowing down your central nervous system, which makes you feel sleepy.

• Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is a safe and effective sedation drug. It’s used by dentists to relax patients and make them feel more comfortable during procedures like tooth extraction.

• Intravenous sedation is used when you need to be completely relaxed and pain-free during surgery. During IV sedation, a doctor will sedate you with medication that is administered directly into your bloodstream via an intravenous line.

• Some patients may require a combination of methods in order to create a comfortable dental experience.

Sedation dentistry makes the difference

Sedation dentistry is a way to make dental care a less frightening experience for patients. Sedation dentistry is most commonly used for those who have a fear or phobia of dental procedures. South Bay Dentistry continues with gentle and caring treatment. 

You may need a combination of sedatives to decrease your pain and increase your comfort during the procedure. For example, let’s say you’re planning on getting a tooth extraction procedure, which usually involves discomfort and pain. In these cases, we might recommend an IV sedative that will help you to calm down and reduce the level of discomfort during the whole tooth extraction process. Not only that, but our Gardena dental staff will also monitor blood pressure and pulse throughout the visit. We practice open communication between patients and staff to provide complete physical and emotional care.

Find out how sedation will help you

If you have any queries or concerns related to dental phobia and sedation methods, get in touch with us today! 

Give our Gardena office a call to schedule a sedation dentistry consultation today!

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