Ask about Sedation Dentistry to help Address Your Dental Phobias

A trip to the dentist is not everyone’s favorite past time. South Bay Dental of Gardena understands that the root of such fear often stems from a bad experience or a general fear of pain and discomfort. Sedation dentistry addresses these phobias with several levels of sedation options. It is important to meet all patient needs, especially any phobia that keeps anyone from proper dental care.

A relaxed visit to the dentist makes all the difference. Instead of ignoring your teeth, talk with one our doctors to find the sedation answer.

Sedation Methods

• There is a pill to make you “happy” and another to put you to sleep. Depending on your level of fear and what procedure will be done, there is an option to alleviate your fear.

• Nitrous oxide is more commonly known as laughing gas.  It is a safe and effective sedative without after effects. It does not induce sleep, but a relaxed comfortable state. Some people may feel light-headed or tingling in their arms and legs during treatment.  Once the mask is removed, the effects of the gas will stop.

• For more extensive procedures an IV is used to sedate the patient. South Bay Dental will make sure there is someone to drive the patient home when treatment is complete.

• Some patients may require a combination of methods in order to create a comfortable dental experience.
Sedation dentistry makes the difference

Once a sedative is used to get patients in the door, fear no longer prevents proper dental work. South Bay Dentistry continues with gentle and caring treatment. We take our time with each patient to alleviate the fear from a bad past experience or help them prepare for an upcoming procedure. Crowns and fillings may need a combination of sedatives to decrease pain and increase comfort. Those patients with impacted teeth may opt for an IV to make them sleep during an extraction. Our Gardena dental staff will monitor blood pressure and pulse throughout the visit. We practice open communication between patient and staff to provide complete physical and emotional care.

Find out how sedation will help you

We will answer any questions you may have concerning dental phobia and sedation methods used to alleviate it.  Give our Gardena office a call to schedule a sedation dentistry consultation today!