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“It is not too late to change things.”
In this blog, expect to find ten dental care tips on how your kids can have the smile of a rainbow mixed with sunshine! Your kid shines within, but do you want them to shine without too? If so, you have clicked the right blog.

Child in a Dental Chair

By using these tips, your kids will be able to maintain white teeth (if you help them) that will remind people of crystals!

Anyway, let us not waste another minute and dive into the useful tips.

Tip One: Brush Twice a Day

Sure, many kids do not like brushing since it gives them a minty breath at the first ten minutes after they brush or they just find it monotonous. But brushing is major, and instead of telling your kid to brush their teeth, explain to them genially on why they should consider brushing their teeth twice a day. It will help the kids better since just yelling at them will make them apprehend you. Many kids develop a habit of brushing twice a day later as well, which is not healthy. I suggest that at the age of two or three, your child should brush twice a day.

Tip Two: Flossing Matters

Along with brushing comes another major term, flossing. It helps more than just whitening your teeth. It prevents plaque build-up which results in yellow teeth and tooth decay. This tip is more important for kids.

Tip Three: Brush for Not Too Long, Yet Not Too Short

Make sure that your kid brushes for 2-3 minutes and not for longer or shorter. They need to create a balance. A timer would work. In most situations, a brushing routine also helps. Kids get to follow what to do step by step. For example, the first is flossing. Then brush for 2-3 minutes. And so on.

Tip Four: Veggies and Fruits

Kids can get cranky (well, most) when it comes to eating veggies and fruits, especially green ones. Let me ask you something, do you hear your kid yell “I don’t want to!”, or “This tastes disgusting!”, or “I don’t like this!” or similar? If you do, then I have an idea. Veggies and fruits are major for your kid’s overall health, and if they don’t accept it, tell them the reason. Make them watch a video on what happens when a kid doesn’t eat their vegetables or fruits. This will most likely work for younger kids. Less than kids of the age of ten, I suppose, but it does work. Through this, their teeth can remain healthy and robust too.

Tip Five: Fewer Sweets and Sugars

Many kids love sweets and sugars, like chocolate and candy. Even though they love it (because of the taste), you need to make sure they don’t eat it too much. Sure, let them eat and have their happiness by being on the clouds when they’re chewing something sweet or sugary, but make sure they don’t always stay in the clouds. What I mean is, don’t always feed them sugars or sweets, and don’t let them have it either. Once or twice a week is not bad or a start. Once you do this, your kid will be able to remove their habit of eating sugars and sweets, meaning you can reduce it more.

Tip Six: Tongue Exists

Other than their teeth, your children need to take care of their tongues to avoid bad and stinky breath. Train your kid on how to clean their tongue with a tongue scraper (start when they’re five or six) and then explain further. Do it quickly before serious bacteria say ‘Hello!’ to your child!

Tip Seven: Milk and Cheese

If tip four does not work, try this tip. I hope some of your kids love milk and cheese because astonishingly, they work too! If your kid isn’t into a habit of milk, try chocolate milk for a start. After that, slowly move on to plain milk or almond milk. If your kid still doesn’t like milk, then cheese isn’t so bad either. Not cheese? No problem, you can also try yogurt! But make sure to tell them the main reason why you want them to have milk, cheese, and yogurt.

Tip Eight: Hydrated is the Key

Staying hydrated also counts. Make sure your kid drinks plenty enough water after each meal and in between. This can also help with a radiant beam.

Tip Nine: Braces

If your kids’ teeth are a bit uneven or slanty, prefer visiting a dentist or consider getting braces (with some guidance, of course). They are shiny and exquisite (many kids think they’re stupid, but they aren’t) and can make your child twinkle out! It’s not going to be permanent, however. It’ll only be till their teeth are straight.

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