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7 Tips to prepare your child for the dental braces

Your child is about to embark on a journey of straightening their teeth. This may raise a lot of questions such as: How will braces feel? Will they be painful? Can I still eat my favorite foods? What will my friends say? Do not worry, we are here to help answer any questions you may have!

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Below are some of the useful tips to prepare your child for the dental braces:

#1 Involve your child in the decision

Talk to your child about why they might need braces and what the process could entail. 

It might be helpful to do some research together and encourage them to ask questions of the orthodontist.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to get braces is up to your child, but it’s important that they have all the information before making a decision.

#2 Prefer soft foods

Your child may experience some mild discomfort for the first few days after getting braces, as the braces put light pressure on their teeth.

To help them through this settling-in period, stock up on soft, easy-to-chew foods like rice, pasta, ice cream, yogurt, and mashed potato. 

Liquid meals like soup are also a good option. Chilled foods can be particularly soothing for a sore mouth caused by rubbing brackets, so make sure your fridge is well-stocked!

#3 Be ready with orthodontic wax

If your child is having trouble adjusting to braces, orthodontic wax can help make the process more comfortable.

Also known as ‘braces wax‘ or ‘dental wax‘, this substance is easy to use and can provide relief from brackets that may be causing irritation or sores inside the mouth.

To apply, simply roll the wax in your hands to soften it, then press it onto the offending bracket. This will form a protective layer that stops the bracket from rubbing.

Consult your dentist to know more about orthodontic wax.

#4 Share the benefits of braces

It can be tough for kids to have to wear braces, especially when it seems like it will take forever.

Remind them gently that wearing braces is only temporary and that it will be worth it in the end when they have straight teeth and a confident smile.

If your child is getting frustrated, let them know that braces are meant to be a permanent fix, not a quick one. The main thing is that they understand it will all be worth it eventually!

#5 Make the process easier

If you want your child to have a successful orthodontic treatment, it is important to make their adjustment to life with braces as easy as possible.

This means providing them with items that will make cleaning their teeth and braces easier, as well as giving them meals that they can actually eat without breaking any rules. 

By doing this, you are helping them stay on track and ensuring a great result in the end.

#6 Give them emotional support

Having braces can be tough for kids. They can be teased by other children and feel embarrassed. It’s important to listen to your child’s concerns and help them find ways to deal with these feelings.

If they’re afraid of being made fun of, remind them that most of their friends will be wearing braces at some point too. 

And if they’re being bullied because of their braces, don’t hesitate to talk to the bully’s parents or get the school involved.

#7 Form a new cleaning routine

Having braces requires extra effort when it comes to brushing teeth. Your child may become less diligent in their brushing habits due to the added work that is needed to clean around the brackets and wires.

Special brushes are often needed to reach all areas and this can be time-consuming. 

Boring routines can be easily abandoned in favor of more sleep, so it is important to encourage your child to stick with a good cleaning routine. Help them make it a part of their daily habits.

Your dentist will also explain the new cleaning habits that you need to follow for your child after the bracing procedure is done.

Are you looking for a bracing procedure/treatment for your child? Consult a dentist near you now!

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