How to Achieve a Whiter Smile

How to Achieve a Whiter

Your smile is no doubt your first impression when you meet different people in your day to day activities. The moment you have a dull smile; people will see you as a dull person. On the other hand, if you have a bright smile, people will see the brighter side of you. With this in mind, it is of the essence to make sure that you have a smile that attracts a multitude. The big question is; how do you attract people with your smile? The answer is simple- make sure that your teeth are white and shining. 

Though many people usually love to smile, they are hindered by their own teeth. I can attribute this to brown or not so white teeth. I have come across some people with a low self-esteem and lack of confidence due to their teeth. The positive side is that their lies some good news in the offing.

Though brushing your teeth can in one way or the other whiten your teeth, crystal clear teeth can only be achieved via advanced technology. With the invention of technology, it has become a reality to many people who would love to have their teeth whitened. This article will take into consideration the different methods employed to achieve a whiter smile.

Whitening Tray

A whitening tray is another way of achieving a whiter smile. Whitening trays are made up of flexible materials which allow them to fit inside your mouth comfortably. Since we have different types of whitening trays, the type you choose will depend on your preferences. For instance, some whitening trays come filled up with a whitening solution which whitens your teeth automatically. On the other hand, some whitening trays require you to wear them for some few hours while others are only wearable and efficient after overnight use. However, many people may find these trays uncomfortable due to their bulky nature.

Whitening Strips

If you are the type of person who prefers less bulky whitening objects that are effective as bulky teeth whitening products, look no further than whitening strips. Whitening strips are easy to use, and they require little knowledge to use them. These strips are adhesive in nature, and they are pre-lined with sodium peroxide or another type of bleach. The mode of use usually involves placing the strips on your teeth. The adhesive nature of the strip holds the strips onto the surface of the teeth. The pre-lined sodium peroxide bleach then whitens the teeth. For the best results, always make sure that you use these strips regularly.

Whitening Toothpaste

If you are looking for the simplest yet effective way to whiten your teeth, you should look no further than a whitening toothpaste. Unlike other types of toothpaste, a whitening toothpaste contains specifically designed ingredients which function by whitening your teeth with each brushing procedure. The toothpaste also contains subtle chemicals which remove stains from your teeth. The good thing about a whitening toothpaste is the fact that you are not required to remove anything from your mouth when eating or drinking as seen in whitening trays and whitening strips. With a variety of whitening toothpaste to choose from, it is advisable to talk to your dentist to determine the best whitening toothpaste for you.

Zoom In-Office Whitening System

The Zoom In-Office Whitening System is an advanced teeth whitening system that involves the coating of the teeth using a formulated gel that contains about 25% of hydrogen peroxide (bleach) and activated by Zoom Light. Once the coating has been done, a quick fluoride treatment procedure is then applied. If this procedure is done as required, the whitening effect can last for many years. Apart from this, the good side of the entire process is the fact that it only takes a maximum of one hour. Unlike other types of teeth whitening procedures, this system offers long-lasting results, the entire teeth are treated at a go, and the sensitive nature of the teeth is minimized.

Teeth Whitening Services

Various dental clinics have established teeth whitening procedures to suit the needs of their patients. Since we have different clinics, it is of the essence to seek services from a qualified and reputable dental clinic. One such clinic is the Green Dental & Orthodontics clinic. Situated in Los Angeles California, Green Dental & Orthodontics guarantees you up to par teeth whitening procedures that will perfectly fit your preferences.

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