Pregnancy Dental Care Tips

Good oral hygiene is important during every stage of pregnancy. Some women avoid the dentist when they are pregnant. Routine appointments are safe for most pregnant women. Your mouth will undergo some noticeable changes during pregnancy. The hormonal changes can affect your teeth and gums. An untreated issue can lead to a miscarriage or a premature baby. Ideally, you should see a dental professional before you conceive. Your dentist should handle any major dental treatments before your pregnancy.

Routine Appointments and Emergencies

You will be asked a few questions about your pregnancy. If you are taking any prescription medications, you should let the office know before your appointment. Be sure to discuss any bleeding, redness or swelling in your mouth. These are common signs of gingivitis. Some pregnant women may need to postpone their appointment. All pregnant women should try to avoid x-rays during their first trimester. However, x-rays may be necessary if you have an emergency. You will be given a lead apron to cover your abdomen during the x-ray. The professional will recommend the best course of treatment for you.

Daily Oral Care During Pregnancy

You should keep brushing your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Use oral hygiene products that are approved by the American Dental Association. Your gums may be more sensitive during pregnancy, but you should still floss your teeth every day. Eat a healthy diet for you and your unborn baby. Too much sugar can affect your overall health. Reach for a pack of strawberries when you are craving sugar. Your dentist may recommend an antimicrobial mouthwash to keep your mouth healthy. If you have morning sickness, rinse your mouth with baking soda and water. The mixture will protect your teeth from acidic vomit. Some women crave inedible items during pregnancy. Pica is a condition that causes nutritional deficiencies.

If you need an emergency procedure, you might need local anesthetics. Most women do not have adverse side effects to local anesthetics during pregnancy. Before the procedure, you will learn more about the risk and benefits of the medication.

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