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We Offer Orthodontics in Gardena Including Invisalign, Metal Braces, Color Bands, & More

South Bay Dentistry & Orthodontics offers complete orthodontic care by Dr. Bennet Lee. He is a board certified orthodontist and an Invisalign preferred provider; patients of all ages will receive complete care. Dr. Lee completed advanced studies in the latest techniques and cosmetic orthodontics. In addition to Invisalign, he is experienced with colored, clear, self-litigating braces and retainers. Our Gardena, CA location provides a full-service office complete with board certified doctors for all your dental needs.

How To Take Care of Your Orthodontic Retainers: 21 Tips
How To Take Care of Your Orthodontic Retainers: 21 Tips

Congratulations on completing your orthodontic treatment and achieving that beautiful, straight smile you’ve always wanted! Now, to maintain your stunning results, you need to take care of your orthodontic retainers. These custom-made devices help keep your teeth in their new positions and ensure long-lasting success. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore 21 essential tips to help you care for your…

6 Major benefits of invisible aligners or Invisalign®

Why it’s bad to have crooked teeth? Teeth that are crooked don’t only look bad but also cause some serious issues with your bite, which can lead to pain and headaches. Crooked teeth can also cause TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, which is a problem with the jaw joints. What are the drawbacks of traditional braces? The drawbacks of traditional…

Now offering Digital Impression Using iTero by Invisalign®

Here at South Bay Dentistry & Orthodontics, we strive to give our patients the best possible dental care available. This includes using the latest technology to offer the best dental experience and results. Our new iTero oral scanner is the fastest and most accurate way to give our dentist the best picture of your oral condition and prognosis.

What is involved with getting braces?
What is involved with getting braces?

Although dental braces improve the appearance of a person’s teeth, they have practical benefits as well. Braces can help people chew, bite and even speak more effectively. Straight teeth may also contribute to better oral health. When a person decides to get braces, there are several steps involved.

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