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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers in Gardena can Provide Your Instant Smile Makeover

 Before After
 Before Veneers 1 After Veneers 1
 Before Veneers 2  After Veneers 2
 Gaps and chipped teeth corrected with porcelain veneers
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Cosmetic dentistry has hit new heights with the popularity of porcelain veneers. The fast and easy dental treatment has shifted from Hollywood practices into everyday homes. The quick and efficient procedure creates the perfect smile for any occasion. With decades of experience, our experienced team of dental professionals produces extensive individual dental plans to create the perfect smile.

South Bay Dentistry receives daily requests from patients looking for porcelain veneers for upcoming events. Brides want a perfect smile for their wedding day while others want to impress at a class reunion or job interview. Most cases are treated over a few days. The procedure is minimally invasive and will only require two visits as long as other dental work is not necessary before placement.

With an eye for detail, our in-house lab technicians build porcelain veneers to re-contour teeth with a natural look. An on-site lab shortens the waiting period and places South Bay Dental patients at the top of their priority list.

Why do our Gardena patients choose porcelain veneers?

• Correct crooked teeth
• Create a perfect smile
• Re-shape teeth
• Even out uneven teeth or gaps between teeth
• Correct worn or broken teeth
• Brighten  a smile
• Instant orthodontics

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Made up of thin pieces of porcelain, the veneers are created to match impressions of the patient’s bite. The porcelain material is both durable and resilient similar to natural tooth enamel.  Like natural teeth, veneers are subject to normal wear and tear and may eventually require restoration.

A Patient’s Experience Includes:

• Application of a local anesthetic for comfort during attachment
• Minimal enamel removal for veneer placement
• Detailed veneers built by experts
• Clean and polish affected teeth
• Bond veneers in place permanently
• Special light used to seal the bond

Discover what porcelain veneers can do to perfect your smile. Contact South Bay Dentistry’s Gardena office for more information and discover if veneers are the right direction for your smile.