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Smiles make a great first impression. At South Bay Dentistry, our team provides several teeth whitening options to help patients achieve a smile that shines white and bright. We offer safe and affordable ways to remove the discoloration from your enamel and improve the appearance of your smile.

Valuable Effects of Teeth Whitening

White teeth improve emotions. Those who are happy about their appearance are happier about themselves.

  • High self-esteem boosts confidence and increases motivation and success levels.
  • Healthy smiles create a positive first impression personally and professionally. Immediate acceptance from others is appealing.

Tooth Discoloration Factors

Oral hygiene plays an important role in teeth aesthetics. Even with proper brushing and flossing regiments, there are several reasons why teeth become discolored. Genetics plays an important role as do some illnesses and medications. Aging, certain hormones and the effects of select foods are typical causes for discoloration. Smoking, drinking coffee or wine, and poor oral hygiene habits are leading factors for stained tooth enamel.

South Bay Dentistry provides teeth whitening options

  • In-office Zoom whitening is a speedy process obtainable in a single office visit. In less than an hour, your teeth will significantly whiten and brighten from the Zoom process. A hydrogen gel is applied to teeth and a Zoom light penetrates to break up stains. This procedure is repeated three times lasting about 15 minutes for each round.
  • Opalescence gel must be obtained by a licensed dentist. Custom mouth trays are designed by our in-house lab technicians. The trays and the opalescence gel are brought home and used according to the doctor’s at-home treatment plan.
  • Another at-home treatment is Day White. Custom made trays are created in our Gardena in-house lab. Use the trays and Day White twice each day for a brighter and whiter smile. Follow the experienced dentist’s instructions for optimum results.
  • Night White is an advanced whitening system applied at bedtime. Use the take-home kit and follow instructions for a brighter smile.

There are other over-the-counter options that are not as effective. Consult with your dentist prior to using any over-the-counter product to omit damage to enamel or previous dental procedures (i.e. veneers, implants). Whitening systems are not permanent and will require touch-ups on an as needed basis.

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